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Jukebox hire

Digital Jukebox With Karaoke Hire



  • Digital Jukebox with karaoke overnight hire
  • with 2 microphones
  • disco lights 
  • aux cord connectivity for devices
  • delivery not included




Our digital Jukebox is ideal for all types of partys and functions.

Kids, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, engagements, weddings, school functions, corporate functions, and many more.

When you hire an Jukebox from us you get!! Over 8,000 certified original tracks ranging from the 1950’s to todays current top 40 hits. All licenced with ARIA, AMCOS & PPCA

  • 1,500 video clipped karaoke hits
  • All the music listed on this web site is included on each and every jukebox machine.
  • Top 40 music is updated monthly
  • The jukebox machine is powered with a whopping 300 watts stereo with a master volume control. They can be played extremely loud and still maintain crytal clear digital quality audio.
  • 2 microphones for karaoke sing-a-longs and speeches
  • 2 microphone inputs, 1 with ECHO effect
  • 1 free standing disco light box
  • 1 extention lead. (normal power outlet required)
  • Onsite training in the operation of the machine
  • delivery and pick up







Jukebox Functions

Decade Select Button
Allows you to select which decade or style of music you would like to search through.

Sort Artist Title Button
Allows you to choose the music by artist or song title. They are both listed in alphabetical order.

Play Button
Allows you to enter the song of your choice to the end of the programmed song list.

Page Up, Page Down Buttons
Allows you to move up and down the page you are viewing. One page at a time.

Scroll Up, Scroll Down Buttons
Allows you to move up and down the page you are viewing. One song at a time.

Clear & Pause Buttons
*On the back of the machine you will find a pause and a clear button.

The pause button places all the music on hold until such a time as you wish to continue on with the party.

The clear button allows you to delete one song at a time from the programmed play list

For more information avout the Digital Jukebox please see Jukebox Music List and Hire & Delivery


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